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26 March 15 HAPPY FEET
26 March 15 KULT-KLEPPER



When a young Filipino banker was living in Germany in the late '60's, he and his wife brought one of their daughters to an orthopedic surgeon for the doctor to look at her pigeon toes and knocked knees.
Much to their surprise, the German doctor just recommended the use of wooden orthopedic sandals and hard plastic shoe inserts and in less than a year, their daughter's pigeon toes and knocked knees were corrected. But what really surprised them is that their daughter said that the wooden sandals were amazingly comfortable to walk in.

With this discovery, the banker realized that there might be a market for this type of wooden orthopedic footwear in the Philippines. So in the mid-'70's after he returned to the Philippines, he got together with some friends and established Happy Feet.
Happy Feet sandals became a hit especially among college students who found the flat unisex Happy Feet wooden sandals fit both men and women and were comfortable to wear at school all-day-long. What's more, the interchangeable leather straps made it easy for them to mix and match with their outfits. The unisex style, amazing comfort, and interchangeable leather straps made the young set wear the sandals out first out of curiosity and later with conviction. Thus, Happy Feet Sandals became the craze and standard footwear for school for a whole generation of Filipinos.

In 1998, six years after changing lifestyles dictated a change in the company's priorities, the banker's family decided to honor him by revitalizing the Happy Feet brand. And after several years of product testing, equipment rehabilitation, and design revisions, the Happy Feet brand was re-launched in August 2002. At first it only recaptured the hearts of that generation of Filipinos from the '70's and '80's who wore the sandals to school. Then these students from yesteryears introduced Happy Feet Sandals to their children and their grandchildren so that soon a whole new generation of Filipinos were converted and hooked onto Happy Feet Sandals' vibrantly colored interchangeable straps, vividly hued hand-painted soles, and most importantly, its amazing comfort.

Foto: Leo in Happy Feet Samatha (c) Andy Mester